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The Doina is a new artistic form which I have created. It uses and develops aspects of the musical Doina (which is found in Romanian music and Jewish Klezmer) on a performance and visual arts level. Katja Kleinveldt, Head Coach German National Team Rhythmic Gymnastics & Head Coach Berlin Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Center Be it ballet, contemporary dance technique, ballroom, or basic dance technique – I love teaching dance!My Doinas are performative miniatures that allow a universal reading of a personal experience. If you are located in or visiting Berlin, we will work in a studio close to you.Ich bin von der professionellen Qualität der Arbeit von Gabriela Dumitrescu völlig überzeugt.“ Carsten Hokema, Expert for Entrepreneurship and Creative Strategies, Founder of „innodate“ True luxury is found at the core of your personality. A Walk is THE tool in the conscious creation of your personal style. Only Walks by Gabriela Dumitrescu are the original.The Wedding Walk combines the poetry of the Walk with the uniqueness of the Bridal Dance, choreographed exclusively for you. I use my photos and screenshots of my Doinas to create collages.

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Learn why HIT is a In our experience, we have learned that taking someone’s word for it doesn’t usually live up to the expectations we set when we try something new.

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