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The couple are also said to have forced the same youngster to eat his own excrement and dog excrement, put soap in his mouth and shut him in a darkened drawer to sleep.The other seven-year-old child was allegedly compelled to eat his own vomit and had his face rubbed in underwear soiled with urine and faeces.On the morning of 10 May [1961], they had driven to the cliff above Crooked River Cayon. They then mutilated her genitals, and tossed her, still alive, off the cliff. Jackson pointed to some blood on Jeannace’s hand; Jeannace said “Yum yum,” and licked it off. [Colin Wilson, A Casebook of Murder, Cowles Book Co., N. 31) – “Lazaro was often tied to the bed, locked in a closet, or left in the bathtub with extremely cold or hot water.When his body was found, it was covered in bruises and bedsores, and the child weighed only 18 pounds.During a search of the defendants’ home, photos and videos were found of Jane Doe with visible injuries, prosecutors said.”After Liam had died, they allegedly grabbed the hand of the seven-year-old and forced it into the dead boy’s mouth before police and paramedics arrived at their home near Glenrothes in Fife.

The study’s authors not that their project and its claims have “implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur.” Thus it is necessary to look into the question of whether the family model studied is in actuality a family model “in which violence does not occur.” Governmental social engineering initiatives based on faulty premises – often as the result of inaccurate “advocacy” scholarship often makes the problems it claims to address worse than before government intervened for the sake of “progress.” This post does not make an effort to promote any conclusion, but rather seeks to promote further research and to assist in avoiding superficial interpretations and unjustified or misleading claims that frequently appear in the press.

In particular the stated notion (a postulated conclusion from the study) that “male tempers” are more likely to result in physical abuse than “female tempers” deserves serious detailed exploration.

1961 – Jeannace Freeman & Gertrude May (Nunez) Jackson – Jeannace dominated Gertrude Jackson, and used to fly into a rage if rage wanted to make love to her and the [Jackson] came in. Then she strangled the boy Larry, [beat him with a tire iron], undressed him, and mutilated his genitals – possibly to make it look like sexual assault. Jackson came back, and helped Jeannace to undress her four-year-old daughter. ” “No, I didn’t feel anything.” After both children had been thrown over, Mrs.

The youngster also was forced to eat only oatmeal or grits, and autopsy reports showed the girl's mouth was damaged from being force-fed with a metal spoon.” A Maywood mother and her female partner have been charged with abusing the woman's 11-month-old daughter, police said. Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis.” 2003 – Mary Rowles (M), & Alice Jenkins – Akron, Ohio – Darrell Shaffer, (14), 2 other sons, severe abuse, survived (Apr. 28, 2003], shortly before dawn, Akron police picked up Mary Rowles' firstborn, now 14, wandering barefoot through the city's streets with two brothers -- one 10, the other 8.

They told police they had pried open a nailed-shut window at their 30-year-old mother's home on Florida Avenue in Kenmore where she and her partner of seven years had kept them locked in a closet since Valentine's Day.

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