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It covered a gallery opening of his photo work in NY and his mother was there along with Yoko and Sean.

They all posed together and the interviewer mentioned that it was amazing how non-awkward it was to have the woman John was married to pose with the woman he left her for.

Sean told the pedophile Jobs in no uncertain terms that he had no immunity to AIDS and to get his hand off his private areas.

That same year, John's first wife Cynthia Lennon welcomed their only son Julian Lennon, named after John's mother. John and the Beatles continued to tour and perform live until 1966, when protests over his calling the Beatles phenomenon "more popular than Jesus" and the frustrations of touring made the band decide to quit the road.

The next year the Beatles flew to America to appear on Toast of the Town (1948) (aka The Ed Sullivan Show), and Beatlemania spread worldwide. They devoted themselves to studio work, recording and releasing albums such as "Sgt.

He is active in several foundations and The White Feather is his own.

He sells products in his site, and donates the profits to the foundation.

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Instead he sounds like an insipid teenager who's pissed because others don't appreciate his crap music.

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