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There’s not a joke or any kind of humor behind it—it’s just him venting about people being held accountable for their own words and actions.I guess it’s a brave way to start off a show, if you equate bravery with just acting like an asshole.It’s remarkably similar to Ricky Gervais’s miserable special from last year, straight down to a “well, what if I identify as this” transphobic joke; instead of Gervais’s chimpanzee, though, Chappelle whips out an Asian stereotype worthy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, adding just that extra little jolt of racism that nobody anywhere asked for.Somehow he’s incapable of understanding the difference between criticism and censorship.It’s hard to see how any of this is even meant to be funny, and watching it feels like overhearing retirees and Fox News watchers complain about a world that has thoroughly passed them by.Chappelle’s not the only major comedian who acts like comedy itself is somehow imperiled by today’s audiences.

Whether he's actually able to perform said brushing in , that's set to debut globally on Monday, August 26th.doesn’t give a fuck about are the people who paid between and (before fees and charges) to see him live.The multimillionaire starts off his latest special on the largest streaming platform by belittling everybody who’s ever criticized any celebrity for insulting or offending people, using the audience at Atlanta’s Tabernacle as a stand-in for all of society.Chappelle spends almost the entire hour arguing that rich and famous people shouldn’t have to face consequences for the fucked-up things they do.He dismisses and mocks Michael Jackson’s accusers, defends C.

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