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According to executive producer/co-creator Bill Prady, "We're working on giving Sheldon an actual problem that he's going to be working on throughout the [first] season so there's actual progress to the boards ... We worked hard to get all the science right." He saw early versions of scripts which needed scientific information added to them, and he also pointed out where the writers, despite their knowledge of science, have made a mistake.He was usually not needed during a taping unless a lot of science, and especially the whiteboard, was involved.In September 2013, Bialik and Rauch renegotiated the contracts they held since they were introduced to the series in 2010.On their old contracts, each was making ,000–,000 per episode, while the new contracts doubled that, beginning at ,000 per episode, increasing steadily to 0,000 per episode by the end of the contract, as well as adding another year for both.

For the first three seasons, Galecki, Parsons, and Cuoco, the three main stars of the show, received at most ,000 per episode.but there were two remarkable things that worked perfectly, and that was Johnny and Jim.We rewrote the thing entirely and then we were blessed with Kaley and Simon and Kunal." As to whether the world will ever see the original pilot on a future DVD release, Lorre said, "Wow, that would be something. Show your failures..." Production was halted on November 6, 2007, due to the Writers Guild of America strike.The salary for the three went up to 0,000 per episode for the fourth season.Their per-episode pay went up an additional ,000 in each of the following three seasons, culminating in 0,000 per episode in the seventh season.

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The series has so far won 56 awards from 216 nominations.

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