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The former rap mogul was with Tupac in the Cadillac the night he was killed.It gives chilling details of the assassination telling how 'no-one would have made it out'.Another up-and-coming rapper who is also accused of opening fire. RJ Bond - behind the Tupac Assassination documentary series - claims: "The story behind the confession letter is very simple."It was given to a Fox reporter who was very keen on the story. As for gun that was used, will bedropped off at the security booth at fox 11.A gang member called ' Danny' is said to have handed it to a TV journalist.In the unverified letter he tells how he was 'told to take night out' a reference to Death Row Records boss Suge Knight."A big TV interview was set up but he was a no show and the letter was then given to Russell Poole (a former LAPD cop) and it was put in a file and not looked at for a long time. There was 6 different baracade’s that no matter what would have happened no one would of made it out. Please do not have stop or talk to one of droppin off the gun."When I saw it, the name of Reginald Wright Jnr just leaps out of the page. My jaw just hit the floor when I read that." RJ Bond is currently working on his third documentary covering the notorious murder called Tupac Assassination III: Battle for Compton. "This letter is a bit like the Rosetta Stone - it makes a lot of other things make sense," Bond told the Sun Online.

She and her older sister Lara were born to a British father and Vietnamese mother.

There was a major problem with demo stilling (stealing). "This new documentary is important for all those those involved in the killings but in particular the victims and witnesses like Yafeu Fula, the Outlawz rapper who was shot after the Tupac killing.

2 song’s that 2 pac came out with were written by XXXX XXXXX. He gave 4 demos to 2 pac to look over because he met 2pac at the Bonaventure hotel (Los Angeles). What night did not know was that XXXX XXXX found out that he was being sold to XXXXX. And XXXX XXXX and 2 pac had dispute about song’s that were taken. as days whent by there was meetings with ICG – gear gang – gost town –front street -52 –A try hoovers – and south park. "The night of the Tupac shooting he was nearest to the Cadillac and gave a statement to Las Vegas cops of the driver of the shooters' car.

Jones is the daughter of composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. Jones was raised in Bel-Air with her younger sister Rashida, who is now an actress and screenwriter.

Jones attended the Los Angeles Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising and left at age 19 to work with the designer Tommy Hilfiger.

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In 1984, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he became good friends with Jada Pinkett Smith.

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