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After that, though, you can view the feed on your phone or tablet from anywhere, whereas most baby monitors are limited to the house (or at least to a certain distance between camera and monitor). Wi-Fi connection, an i Phone and Android smartphone app for remote viewing, night vision, 360-degree rotation, and more.

What’s even better is that D-Link regularly updates their app with bug fixes, as well as rolls out new firmware for the cameras.

New features like video recording to your device and new camera controls are also constantly being added.

B&H Photo and Video carries monitor mounting brackets, on-board monitors, and HDMI and USB cable hookups.

Also, for a security cam, it can be very conspicuous.

Compared to the pastel decor of a nursery, it stands out like one of those spy droids.

Instead, I went on Amazon and found a D-Link network camera (DCS-5010L), a standard webcam.

It was both loaded with features — including the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom — and easy on the wallet.

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Small monitors with HDMI input are ideal for DSLR cameras, while larger production monitors work well with video and camcorders.

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