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Process Schema Location; Xml Reader XMLvalidator = Xml Reader.

I don't want to do anything fancy, I just want to make sure a document is valid, and print an error message if it is not.

So far this is not a hard task but I'd like to sign files in order to prevent harm in case these get hacked and modified (as it would allow installing harmful software).

I found some tutorials on MSDN and in various blogs which perfectly show how to sign an XML file.

The service will validate the XML file against the predefined scheme file in the service.Here I am not able to write a method to get XML file as input from the client who is consuming the service.I am using Xml Text Reader and Xml Validating Reader to read and validate the XML file.Google pointed me to this, but it seems Xml Validating Reader is obsolete (at least, that's what Mono Develop tells me).Edit: I'm trying Mehrdad's tip, but I'm having trouble. Validation Event Handler = new Validation Event Handler(/*trouble is here*/); Xml Reader validating Reader = Xml Reader.

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Visual Studio, when I open the file, validates it against the schema and lists errors perfectly.

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