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Testers can and should think about the different possible scenarios to test a story.

However, the most important asset that they can bring is: This section focuses on Test Automation Interview Questions and Answers. QTP or Selenium, Web Driver, the questions are more about the approach to test automation.

As the tester starts exploring the system, new test design ideas are thought of on the fly and executed against the software under test.

On an exploratory testing session, the tester executes a chain of actions against the system, each action depends on the result of the previous action, hence the outcome of the result of the actions could influence what the tester does next, therefore the test sessions are not identical.

Defects occur because human beings are prone to make mistakes, also a software application can be very complex so the integration of different components can cause odd behaviors. Testing should provide enough information about the status or health of an application, so the stakeholders can make an informed decision on whether to release the software or spend more time on testing.You can click on the links below to read the interview questions and answers for your area of interest.In this section, we will look at some common Software Testing Interview Questions that you may be asked when you attend a Software Testing Interview.This post is a large collection of Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers.The list covers foundations of Software Testing, Technical Testing, Test Automation, API Testing, Agile Testing, Web Testing and Selenium Web Driver Interview Questions and Answers.

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