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This works and is done using: Code: [Select]$sql="SELECT landlord_name, AVG(overall) FROM $tbl_name GROUP BY landlord_name ORDER BY AVG(overall) DESC";$result=mysql_query($sql);// Start looping rows in mysql database.while($rows=mysql_fetch_array($result)){Where Im finding it difficult though is I have 5 radio buttons with values from 1-5 and want one of them to be checked if the value matches the averaged overall rating.What I've tried is: Code: [Select]if (AVG(overall)==1)if (AVG(overall)==2)if (AVG(overall)==3)if (AVG(overall)==4)if (AVG(overall)==5)then in the form: Code: [Select]To make it a bit more difficult, the AVG(overall) value will not always be an integer from 1-5 and will need to be rounded to the closest one.My Intentions: There are 3 radio buttons and 8 check boxes. isset($gender))else{and my form for the radio button is like this... The radio buttons on my form suddenly stopped working. I’m wondering if a new version of PHP was installed and made something obsolete. $list \r\n Are you interested in volunteering for upcoming events?Users can select any one but cannot don't select at all. $volunteer \r\n Are you interested in becoming a sponsor by receiving opportunities to advertise through us?So something that looks like this...(choice[1].checked=true) if (choice[2].checked=true) if (choice[3].checked=true) if (choice[4].checked=true) This part doesn't work - i've tried various combinations but i'm just taking wild guesses.Any help would be much appreciated - thanks I have made a form which includes text fields and radio buttons.

Is there anything that I can put as the value of a radio button that would select all records or would it have to be something amended in the query on the results page? Im pretty sure this is easy but ive been trying for hours and looked all over the web but cant seem to do it.

The current form I have is Code: [Select]and the query in the results page contains Code: [Select] WHERE team_name='$OPP' AND h_a='$HA' If either the ' Home' or ' Away' buttons are checked everything works fine.

If I check the ' All' button nothing is returned as it is looking for blank cells.

Coding for my form: Code: [Select]Lets say if user do not select any class, but select CAT 3PG, system will check if user have the pre-requisites before proceeding to next step. most importantly is i do not know how to retreieve the values selected from the form. $contribute \r\n EOD; $from = "From: Brian EWagner [email protected]\r\n"; $from .= "Reply-To: ".$emai."\r\n"; $from .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n"; mail($web Master, $email Subject, $body, $from); /* Results rendered as HTML */ echo "I'm not sure how to use foreach to send multiple form information to the database.

Is it possible to do it using php or must i hunt for javascript's script?? I have been at this for far too long and really need some help. I have a group of 3 buttons for three different options and this is in a php while loop,and there could be anywhere from 1 to 30 of these forms that ineed to send the data to the database at the same one of these groups are next to a user to mark if they were present, tardy, or absent.

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Hi All, I have been trying validating radio buttons that were generated dynamically for 2 days now.

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