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Finally, I've been named as an advisor to the CSR 130 Project. Two stories added to the News page: David Wardale's book "The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam" will be reprinted, and the CSR 130 Group has just posted one of Porta's previously unavailable papers, as well as two related articles from "Trains" magazine as part of their new "White Paper Series". 24 June 2012 Added two 3-D renderings of a Lempor Ejector to the exhaust systems page.19 January 2014 Somehow I've missed including the biggest steam story in recent history, the impending restoration of Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" steam locomotive #4014. 18 June 2012 Added Chegg.com, a book rental service, to the book links page.19 April 2014 Added information on the reprint of Jos Koopmans' book to the News page.4 April 2014 Added a link to a youtube video of a 1985 ABC Evening News segment on the American Coal Enterprises 614T tests on the Chessie system to the ACE page.16 July 2018 One update to the Steam Repair Links page.13 July 2018 Updates to the story on the Red Devil's recent restoration added to the News page. 12 July 2018 Updates on the Steam Repair Links page.Updated the News page with information on the Red Devil's recently completed restoration.

5 July 2018 Added two locomotives, expanded the information on Waterloo Central No.

9, and edited information on several locomotives on the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 40 Years. 24 June 2018 Added another locomotive to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 40 Years. 16 June 2018 Numerous updates were made to the list of List of Steam Improvements of the Last 40 Years including several locomotives recently fitted with improved exhaust systems. Update January 2018 Happy New Year from the Ultimate Steam Page!

23 June 2018 Added a more-detailed diagram of the proposed 2-12-12-0 for the Rio Turbio Railway to the L. 23 December 2017 Merry Christmas from the Ultimate Steam Page.

10 July 2018 Updated the list of steam locomotive service/part/supply vendors on the Steam Repair Links page.

9 July 2018 Updated the Recent Steam Projects page to incorporate info on the Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Locomotive Trust and to update information on several German projects.

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