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To add the link, click the globe icon on the right.You can even combine this with inserting a picture or logo and then make this image clickable via a hyperlink.However, this solution is not perfect as it doesn’t prevent users from modifying signatures in Outlook before hitting the Send button.If a company wants to be sure that signatures leave their organization intact, then a server-side solution is an option, like Exchange-based Code Two Exchange Rules or cloud-based Code Two Email Signature for Office 365.It must be tedious to create signatures one by one.

If that font is not installed, then the receiver would see that text in a different font, the wrong characters or even just placeholder characters (empty square boxes). In general, it is pretty safe to use the Windings font if you want to use characters such as to represent information for things such as e-mail address, web address and phone number.Modifying the font setting is probably pretty much self-explanatory.The only real thing to note is that you shouldn’t use too exotic fonts for your signature.A client-side solution for Outlook 2019 requires installation of agents on each workstation.Such agents are responsible for inserting and updating user signatures when necessary.

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