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This means that not only will your page load slower for users, but – especially as the new internet era invites the potential for private information to be auctioned off by ISPs.States, realizing the user rights violations in the present arena of possibility, are taking matters into their own hands by cracking down on the rules and regulations that dictate how PII is handled.But how many of us actually know and understand what net neutrality is and what its disintegration truly means?In 2015, the Title II provision of the Federal Communications Act provided the legal framework for what we know today as the Open Internet.One way or another – businesses will have a price to pay.The biggest blow to your business may not even be dealt through degraded service alone.

For instance, your business may have already been forced to comply with California’s Cal Oppa Act which extends far beyond California’s physical borders.

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Regulated by the FCC, the Open Internet – or net neutrality – dictated that ISPs (Internet Service Providers), like Com Cast and Verizon, had to deliver content to users without discrimination. On December 14, 2017, the FCC bulldozed the level playing field on which the internet once stood with the groundbreaking vote to repeal net neutrality.

Where users were once in control of their own internet experience, service providers have now been granted that power.

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