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Treiber für Dell Dimension 4550 helfen Ihnen bei der Behebung von Problemen und Fehlern in Ihrem Gerät.Laden Sie die Treiber für Dell Dimension 4550 für verschiedene Versionen von Windows-Betriebssystemen (32 und 64 bit) herunter.Yes the Molex to SATA power is because most SATA drives only have SATA power connectors. sku=5544402 with free shipping which has 2 SATA channels in case I want to add a second SATA drive. But there is very little difference in the actual transfer speeds. Actual speeds depend on the drive itself and the controller. 6TB WHS server) 1GB to 4GB each 9800GT, 7600GT, ATI-9550 Canopus ADVC-100, HVR-1600, ATI 550/650, PVR-350, ...This site also had 1TB Seagate SATA drive for 0, and even after adding PCI SATA adapter plus SATA power cable and SATA signal cable, total is only more than the 750GB IDE drive from New Egg. And the drives are backward compatible with either specification. Philips 5992, Pioneer DV-363, JVC, Sony various LG D787, Lite-On, Ony, various Pioneer 111D, Sony BX-37 Blu-Ray LG-BH10LS30 Blu-Ray Burner Giga Byte (2), VIA, Asus 1 Mac/FCE, 2 DV/HDV PC edit stations Sony Vegas Pro 11, Platinum 10, Premiere Pro, plus others"6TB WHS server) 1GB to 4GB each 9800GT, 7600GT, ATI-9550 Canopus ADVC-100, HVR-1600, ATI 550/650, PVR-350, ...Found two input drivers but downloading those have not solved the problem either.

The largest IDE hard drive I found is 750GB Seagate from New Egg, but customer reviews on it aren't good. That PC apparently has four PCI slots, so unless all are occupied, you should have room for a PCI SATA adapter. W2000 would be able to do that, or software may be included with the drive.

yes newegg has several sata to ide adaptors you could use. You will also need a Molex to SATA power adapter cable, which New Egg should also have available.

a better choice would be to add a sata card to the motherboard. And probably a SATA data cable, unless one comes with the PCI adapter.

Some SATA hard drives may also have those cables included, depending on the packaging.

OEM drives are just the drives, with usually no software or accessories.

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