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I was considering a college near home, but once I stepped on campus, I found out I was allergic to the trees there – an important aspect I would have overlooked had I not visited!

” It is important to find the college that best suits you, academically and socially.

However, there are some instances in which you’ll want to (or be required to) change the information you reported.

Not all schools force you to wait in agony for 3 months until your admissions decision is released, however.Note: Tax return information you transfer via the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool cannot be changed on your online FAFSA form.If you filed a 1040X amended return, contact your school’s financial aid office to discuss whether it would be appropriate for the school to adjust the information on your FAFSA form.), you can’t just send it in a portal and hope no one notices.If you forgot a required component of your application, call the school in question’s office of undergraduate admissions as soon as possible to see if they’ll accept a late submission.

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Note: No more than 10 schools may be listed on your FAFSA form at one time.

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