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Named by D&B a Top 50 SMB Influencer on Twitter, you can follow Gail @Grow Map and on Linked In.On Monday this week I spent about 4 hours cursing at elevation tags in Revit. found that changing the elevation type would cause the marker to update and display correctly.You can set the update frequency (how often it checks the RSS) and other advanced settings.Posting duplicate or old content is a cardinal sin, so twitterfeed includes a number of checks to try and never re-post items that have already been posted, for example the uniqueness of the links, GUID's, published date-timestamp of each post, so as not to post an item again.

Grow is listed by Cision as a Top 100 Site for Marketers and has received three Small Business Influencer Awards from Small Business Trends.You can put in your Blog/Website URL and twitterfeed will automatically extract your RSS feed URL from your blog or website.The address/URL of the feed will vary, depending on the blogging platform used, sbut you can select from multiple formats of feeds, ‘RSS 2.0’ or ‘Atom format’ are the most likely to work with twitterfeed.About twitterfeed This free service came out of nowhere and aside from some smart branding, there's no About Us page.All you're told on the web-site is: "twitterfeed, Inc. and licenses the trademark "Twitter" from Twitter, Inc.

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So, another temporary solution would be to ensure the depth of the elevation view touches or cuts through building geometry.

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