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You may not guess it from her high energy, but Tori Praver is in the thick of motherhood.When I offer her an early evening latte at a Beverly Hills, California, coffee shop, she declines.With the exception of Marc Jacobs, who doesn't have much of a problem stripping down to make a statement, most designers book models to star in their campaigns.We can't imagine Karl Lagerfeld sporting Chanel's little black jacket on the pages of a glossy — although it would be fabulous if he toted a 2.55 — without slightly cringing.“I was modeling, traveling a lot and trying to be a businesswoman,” Praver says.“It was a lot at such a young age.” Praver’s mother helped keep her afloat by running the business side of Tori Praver Swimwear.

She accompanied him on a surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia, and as fate would have it, she met a woman who owned a local swimwear factory.“I trusted her, and that’s the hard thing when you have your own company—when you have others working for you, you don’t really know what’s going on,” Praver says.“I didn’t have to worry about any trust issues.” At 25, she had her daughter, and at 28 her son came along. She has managed to find harmony, but not without a little “mom guilt,” she says.“I’ve already had so much caffeine today,” she says.“I cannot have any more.” It’s a running joke among parents—that the day-to-day drama of diapers, meal planning, snack packing, play dates and chauffeuring is fueled by the coffee bean and all of the delightful concoctions that come from it.

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