With more than 500 employees, Together and The Right One gross more than million a year in revenue.

ROMANTIC LOCATIONS North American locations and affiliates of Together are: California (Encino, Irvine and Los Angeles); Florida (Palm Beach); Indiana (Ft.

I just realized that nowhere in your question did you specify your friend's gender.

He continued, “Early on, we found that security and personalization were the two most important things clients sought.

We focus on customer service, customer service and customer service, striving to provide the highest quality matchmaking service within the industry.

As the world’s largest ‘brick and mortar’ introduction service, Together continues to position itself as an industry leader with a recognizable name that customers can trust.

That quality assurance has been, and will remain, the key to our success and what sets it apart from other personal introduction services,” said Brad Megahan, President of Together Dating Service.

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When you go meet them, they ask you why you haven't been successful, try to mak you believe they are your only hope, then try to charge you $3800 - $7700. That was a disaster, and she asked for her money back. Only 1 had potential, and that guy wasn't interested in her. Even if you don't meet someone special, the party is still a lot of fun.

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  1. The good news is that you can use your well-honed, every-day professional skills to win over a potential partner; be on time, give your date your full attention and, if you sense a spark, make sure to follow up on what you've started.