Teenagers dating older people

In some instances, such as Deborah’s, a sexual encounter with an adult might genuinely “feel really good.” As I’ve written before, we make a huge mistake by assuming that the victims of sexual abuse never feel pleasure.Rightly concerned as we are about the sexualization of young children, we need to be careful to remember that teens and tweens sexual.The older men they pursue usually try to resist, pleading morality or common sense, but inevitably fall prey to the intensity of their own desire for these girls.It’s not hard to see that these stories are carefully crafted to alleviate the guilt of child molesters.Deborah (not her real name, of course) wanted to make it clear that, as she put it, “grade-school girls can have sexual agendas too.” Deborah, now a mother of teens herself, told my friend that when she was 11, she’d started taking private piano lessons.

There is no ambiguity when it comes to sex between adults and minors.Many children are hungry for attention, and many girls, sadly, have learned that the best way to get that attention is through their sexuality.And as psychologists have been telling us for generations, pre-pubescent children are capable of sexual feelings. I was asked that question this week by a friend of mine, a graduate student whose dissertation looks at evolving attitudes towards sexual abuse.In the course of her research, my friend met a woman in her 40s who, over a series of interviews, repeatedly insisted that she’d been a “little Lolita” in her own preteen years.

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