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Here's the surprise: For all his chiseled beauty, Riggins—Kitsch, too, for that matter—doesn't seem in the least vain or self-regarding.Peter Berg, s creator, describes Kitsch as "a guy who's won the genetic lottery, only he doesn't know it." I disagree with Berg. He just refuses to let it go to his head, to fuck him up.It looked, at least for a moment, as if he'd flamed out before he'd even become a star.If Kitsch didn't let the hype fluster him, though, he wouldn't let the trashing either.The other young characters get out of dead-end Dillon, in the cases of Garrity and Street, thanks entirely to Riggins.

fans: Remember Riggins's brief—blink and you missed it—foray into higher education, when he sat in a lecture hall taking notes with a never-been-sharpened pencil? What a person who's less trying to amuse others than amuse himself would do. Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, and raised by a single mom in a trailer park. Following graduation in 1999, there was a stint with the junior A Langley Hornets that ended when he blew out his knee.Now, I'm not going to go on any more about his looks except to say that he appears in the flesh just as he does on the screen. Soon after, he was approached by a modeling scout on the streets of Vancouver.Okay, I'll go on a little more: He has a physical grace to him, moves with athletic authority, has a smile that's closer to a grin, and is wearing the clothes of someone who doesn't think about them much—jeans, T-shirt, scuffed leather jacket. " The waiter attests to the roll's deliciousness, but reveals that it's sizable. "No bueno." (It's three o'clock, snack time, not lunch.) He asks what I'm ordering. And by 2002, he was signed with the modeling agency IMG and living in New York.He just kept his head down and did what he always did: worked.("If there's such a thing as over-prep," he says of his nose-to-the-grindstone ethic.) In the last few years, he's chosen lower-profile projects, often ensemble, most notably (directed by Ryan Murphy), an Emmy Award–winning HBO movie about the AIDS epidemic.

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