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Not interested in being kept as a display item, she did what any modern single woman would do, and signed up with an online dating site in 2007.(In fact, the story I saw was about how great online dating is for older people).Tara Moss, and her profile was returned to the dating site, where, in the fullness of time, she met her future husband.However, in this article, Tara is quoted as saying that it was only in the two days before the website removed her profile that she managed to make contact with her future husband, and they began to get to know each other just as she was “booted off”.

While on a modelling assignment in Sydney, she finds herself caught up in a terrifying hunt for a serial killer who is targeting beautiful models who wear nice shoes.She’s a certified private investigator, has passed a firearms test with the LAPD, has a race car driving license, a motorcycle license, and a snake handling certificate (for her pet python, Thing).As a result of this attention to detail and professional attitude, her career has been successful and even illustrious.Well, you can guess what happens when you put up a photo of yourself looking tall, blonde, beautiful and glamorous, and write on your profile you’re an ex-model who is now a famous author.The dating site removes your profile at once, because obviously it’s a fake!

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And in this article, Tara says that her future husband is an old friend that she’d met many years ago through literary circles, and that their relationship had evolved naturally out of their long friendship.

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