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(Men saw these as costs of time and money.) Women also enjoyed the ability to network through male friends.

However, as noted above, women found it costly when those male friends desired sex or romance.

The important thing to remember is the mismatch in goals. Frustration and difficulty start when both individuals are not honest about their goals.

Men, in contrast, find the time and money demands costly and frustrating, particularly when their romantic desires are not reciprocated.

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Tips for Negotiating a Satisfying Opposite-Sex Friendship The research above (and many people's experience) shows that it may often be hard for men and women to be friends. It is common for people to think about what they want only. Or, a woman may hook-up, when she really desires to be dined, protected, and dated.

They often have very different expectations for what that "friendship" will entail. So, with a bit of effort, satisfying friendships can be created (at least in some situations). They may even think what they desire is somehow more noble, important, or urgent. When entering into any relationship, even a simple friendship, what others desire may be different. To have a friendship of any kind, it is important to respect those differences. Without knowing, their "friends" may not take care of those needs (taking them at their word and deed).

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In contrast, when friendships did turn romantic/sexual, some of these men continued to label the women as "just friends"—at about double the rate of women.

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