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If food is abundant, all the owlets will survive, and if there is less at least one or two older owlets will make it.

Interestly, when compared to other owls, Barn owls have markedly smaller eggs relative to their body size.

As you can see, the barn owl breeding season is upon us again and we are very excited to see that mummy owl is incubating five eggs.

Have a look up toward the back of the Garden Spot and you’ll see 3 of our newly erected ‘Owl Barrels’.So it's very clear who the oldest owlets in a brood are.The suggested reason for this asynchronous laying is that it acts as insurance for the barn owl pair.They add to the nine we currently have on the property, for a total of twelve owl houses - which house a large number of barn owls.Update June 22nd 2018 The two oldest owlets are now 8 weeks old, so they are getting very close to testing their wings for the first time at night.

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Right now, the young owlets look like “little dinosaurs”, with big talons (legs) relative their body size, a pointed beak and a protruding belly after feeding time.

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