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Once a query is run, the data is subsequently retrieved from the application’s local cache.However, the lifetime value of this cache is generally defined so that the application can periodically update the cache with new values from the database, irrespective of whether the data in the back end has changed or not. With query notification enabled then when you run a query against the back-end database, you not only retrieve the data into the cache, but also tell SQL Server to register a subscription for notification if the underlying data changes in a way that will affect the result of the query.However, this unnecessarily increases network round-trips, and is an inefficient use of resources.To reduce the number of round-trips, developers have traditionally relied on caching mechanisms.NET 2.0 using C#, and running against the Adventure Works database. This login (or the login used for impersonation) should be granted all the permissions that I list in the Granting permissions section of this article.

Up to that point, an application can safely continue to retrieve data from the cache.For the website to be able to receive notifications, a listener must be created. I decided to wrap the code up into an Extension Method. Add a new Class file to the application and name it My Extensions.Extension methods are static methods, so you must mark the class as static.When this happens, the function will register a notification subscription with SQL Server.It will also load up the cache with the output of our query.

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