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That sponsorship, along with INDYCAR’s contract, concludes with Sunday’s race.INDYCAR officials have been in negotiations with Richmond International Raceway about a date on the 2020 schedule that would either replace Pocono’s slot, or become an 18event if Pocono and INDYCAR are able to come to an agreement.We have asked them to help us understand how that creates a better opportunity for the Indy Car event. The long and wide frontstraight allows the field to fan out four-, five- even six-wide on starts and restarts. Justin Wilson was killed when the nosecone from Sage Karam’s race car hit him in the helmet after Karam crashed coming out of Turn 1 while leading the race in 2015.

“We have believed for some time they would get to a place where they would only have one NASCAR (Monster Energy) Cup weekend.

It was a mainstay on the Indy Car schedule during the United States Auto Club (USAC) days, but had an uneasy alliance once CART took over the sport in the 1980s.

CART teams complained about the bumpiness of the track, the boiler-plate walls in the turns and just about anything else they could think of before they left following the 1989 race. Mattioli vowed that Indy Car racing would never return to Pocono during his lifetime and he was right. But a new generation of the family wanted to bring Indy Car back to Pocono. Mattioli’s grandchildren, led by Nick and Brandon Igdalsky, were successful in convincing Mattioli’s widow and family matriarch Rose, into bringing Indy Car back in 2013.

“I really enjoy the track and it’s a tremendous challenge. Unfortunately, last year we experience that last year and in 2015 we experienced that with Justin Wilson. At the end of the day, though, there is no hesitance.

You know it’s your job and you go out there to do your fest and be safe and smart and know the balance between risk versus reward. We’re going to go out there and do the best job we can do, put on a good show for the fans and go from there.” Rahal is a strong advocate that Pocono needs to be on the NTT Indy Car Series schedule for many reasons, including its proximity to major population areas of the Northeastern United States and that the series needs more oval tracks. At Mid-Ohio, we had a huge crowd and have at many other races. I think it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It’s a big market for our family with all of our dealerships in that area. “Obviously, we would like to see that continue.” During NASCAR’s race at Pocono back in June, Nick Igdalsky and Pocono Raceway president Ben May indicated they had put together a proposal to remain on the INDYCAR schedule and were awaiting more discussions with the sanctioning body.

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