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The radiocarbon facility provides UK scientists and international collaborators with radiocarbon measurements, for a range of Earth and environmental science projects.The laboratory has a current capacity for about 1,300 samples annually, including a range of sample types covering virtually every environment on Earth, from atmospheric gases to deep ocean sediments.It was a lovely atmosphere for a first timer" Marcus - Leeds, 13th May "Well organised and really good fun" John - Birmingham, 7th May "I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the event.

Please convey my personal thanks to Denise and Ellie the event hosts.

We had to extract tiny samples from the material, whether a bone, piece of soil or a fiber, and burn the samples to turn them into carbon dioxide gas.

“We then had to clean up the carbon dioxide, convert it to solid carbon, and measure the carbon-14 on a particle accelerator.”.

Issued: Tue, BST Scotland is now home to the world’s newest, cutting-edge carbon dating system, which is twice as fast as existing technologies.

Scientists at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) in East Kilbride, one of just four specialist radiocarbon dating facilities in the UK, have now installed the new Positive Ion Mass Spectrometry (PIMS) system and verified its speed and accuracy.

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