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So your best bet is just to go approach them even if it’s very awkward and uncomfortable because you can’t really predict where they’re coming from.

It could be anywhere in the city that you met a 9 or 10. Your best bet is just make that approach, no matter how weird or uncomfortable it is because that’s what you’re going to have to do if you really want to meet the real hot, hot, hot stunners.

They’re just down in the street and there’s a machine there. Then if you a hot girl you like, you can kind of bike up to her and jump off your bicycle and then go talk to her, and that can be more efficient than walking around because walking around can be very time consuming.

You put in your card or you put in some money and you can rent the bike. On a bike, you can just cover a lot more of the city as well.

For some reason and I find this in a lot of countries, the women appreciate it when you learn a little bit of their language. That’s little trick to spend a little time learning Pimsleur. Each lesson will take you about 40 minutes and that can be a great way to open girls, then that gives you also a topic to talk about, which is languages, learning different words. Now as far as meeting women at night, there’s a lot of little bars, bar districts where you can meet girls.

You’re not necessarily going to meet like the 9’s or 10’s, the super high-class amazingly dressed women in these places, but you can meet a lot of tourist girls where their fantasy is to find romance in Paris.

Do maybe the first seven lessons, learn 20 or 30 words of French, and open speaking a little bit of French, a little bit of French-English gibberish and that can open better than speaking English. Women kind of find it attractive when you speak their language but with your own local accent.

A lot of them can be very open to meeting a man to fulfill that fantasy. From what I’ve been told, a lot of the high class, really well dressed upper class women Parisian local women will go to local parties where you need to be in the know, you need to have connections with the right people that even know where these parties take place.

In the Oberkampf District, which is just a little bit of north of here, that’s where you’re going to meet the more high-end exclusive nightclubs that are going to cost maybe some money to get in or might have a dress code. If you’re going to spend maybe 6 months in Paris and you are going to be a social butterfly and get to know the right people, that could be another avenue to explore for yourself.

It’s not terrible considering that you are right in the center of such a major city.

You can grab an Uber for €5, €6, €7, €8 to get around town if you need to, but if you are in the central area, you don’t need even need to rely on metros. You can pretty much walk everywhere that you need to go.

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