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He also co-starred in teen comedies Whatever It Takes (2000) and Get Over It (2001).West was cast as Landon Carter opposite singer and actress Mandy Moore in 2002's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk to Remember, which was a modest box office success, grossing over million in the United States.In 2014, he began starring in the WGN adventure/historical/fantasy drama Salem as John Alden.In 2018, West was cast as Eduardo Dorrance in the fifth and final season of Gotham.This is not romance, it's borderline stalking, and I'm not happy about it.The unrealistic notions of romance in this movie are problematic. A Walk To Remember is still one of my favorite movies of all time, and The Choice can't come fast enough. As part of his punishment, Landon has to take part in the school play, which sees him spending more time with Jamie. While you don't need me to tell you that Nicholas Sparks movies can be a little far-fetched, here are all the times that A Walk To Remember is completely, insanely unrealistic.

A year later, he joined the cast of the NBC medical drama, ER in the eleventh-season premiere, playing resident Ray Barnett.

Nevertheless, I really don't think it happens often enough that it should be presented as something a teenage boy would totally think of doing — even in Landon and Jamie's unique circumstances. While some people change us, support us, and help us to grow, it's a pretty tired cliche when a character announces that they're no longer a bad boy, and now they want to be a better person, all thanks to this one girl they met.

It just seems way too prim and proper to ask a man if he's trying to seduce you.

Before Nicholas Sparks movies were an annual occurrence, A Walk To Remember was the only solace most of us had from the dirge of superhero movies. But A Walk To Remember has unrealistic moments that just can't be denied, no matter how much you loved the film.

Sure, a few misery-fests like Message In A Bottle had been made, but A Walk To Remember had it all — the always cute Shane West, Mandy Moore wearing an awful cardigan, and a super retro soundtrack (Jars of Clay! Moore and West play Jamie and Landon, two very different teenagers on completely different paths — Landon is a wild child, always getting into trouble, while Jamie is smart, sweet, and a committed Christian.

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