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After she and her boyfriend broke up due to distance, she began a master's degree and started to write a blog about body confidence after having cancer.But Suz began to feel like she was a hypocrite for writing about body confidence when she hadn’t revealed the truth about being intersex.After going into her third year at university, she finally worked up the courage to tell her housemates.She says that they were “amazing” about her revelation and she began to feel more confident about confiding in others.During the operation to remove it, surgeons discovered Suz's ovaries were actually non-functioning gonads, which explained why she had never had a period before.

There will be a live stream on… Just so folks know, this idea that anyone with XY is "male" ignores the fact that the reason they stopped taking chromosome tests as definitive was that as soon as they started chromosome testing women athletes they found many were XY despite being assigned female at birth. And this is why we are protesting the American Urological Association's conference in Chicago today!! I'd say these are also pretty equally applicable to trans/nonbinary people. Episode 1 of ✨Very INTEResting✨ features my cool bud @a_signs717 on play, pleasure activism, & why we love @Pidgejen. I really think the last decade has been a turning point for queer people. "I was thrilled that I didn't have to go through all that." Doctors told Suz's parents but they decided to keep the news from her until she'd recovered.On the day of her prom, Suz attended what she had expected to be a routine check-up but doctors had some shocking news for her: she had XY chromosomes and would never be able to carry a baby, something she had always dreamed of.

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"I was happy because I finally got to be truthful." Her friends were reassuring and she says she's found a supportive network online that has enabled her to meet other intersex people face-to-face.

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