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Peyton placed 2nd in 4-6 Flags and 4th in traditional Charisma placed 3rd in 11-13 weapons and 4th in sparring and traditional Brooklynn placed 1st in 11-13 traditional, weapons, creative and sparring Seth placed 2nd in the 14 and up traditional, 1st in 14 and up weapons, and 1st in 14 an dup sparring.

Dane, instructor at Coos Bay placed 1st in Black belt traditional, creative and sparring and 2nd in weapons.

Next year they hope to add divisions in Olympic style sparring and board breaking, and plan to combine the creative forms and weapons into a single creative forms division.

This year's Best Over All Award went to Brooklynn Lott, 13, from Coquille Martial Arts' Coos Bay school which holds classes in the Green Spot.

Howie Harvill, Beginner, Sr Adult, Tae Guk forms, 1st; Traditional Forms, 2nd Seth Hamlin, Beginner, 14, Myrtle Point, Tae Guk Forms, 1st; creative weapons, 1st; tradtional weapons, 2nd; creative open forms, 1st; traditional forms, 2nd: pt sparring, 2nd Ean Smith, Beginner, 11, Myrtle Point, Tae Guk forms, 3rd; Traditional forms, 4th; Pt sparring 1st Jared Smith, Beginner, 9, 3rd point sparring Luke Donaldson, Beginner, 8, Tae Guk forms, 1st; creative weapons, 3rd; traditional weapons, 2nd; creative forms, 1st; traditional forms, 2nd; pt sparring, 2nd Peyton Simonds, Beginner, 5, Tae Guk forms, 1st; Traditional forms, 1st; flag sparring, 2nd; Grand Champion forms, 6 and under all ranks First Place winnings from around Coos County: Henderson's Shorin Ryu: Tom King, Adult, Black Belt, 1st Traditional forms, Grand Champion Sword set for Black Forms.

Hope Lott, 14, Intermediate, 1st Traditional forms and 1st sparring.

Melanie Cavanaugh, 11, Beginner, 1st Traditional forms. Coast: Logan Crim, Intermediate, Adult men's sparring, 1st Rising Sun: Jennae Hernandez, Adult women's sparring, 1st Coast Karate Invite We were invited to compete at Coast Karate's in-school tournament on JUne 8th.

Even though we had less than a week to prepare, and it was finals' week for most of our students, we took 5 competitors and had a great time, celebrating afterwards at Tai's Dynasty in North Bend.

On Saturday, November 10th, more than 100 martial arts instructors and students, along with their families arrived at the Coquille Community Building for Coquille Martial Arts Annual Fall Tournament.

August 9th, the Saxtons were awarded their United Hapkido Memebr School certificate.

They had earned their first dan Hapkido certifications June 6th, the day before the Gay 90's parade and celebration, which kicked off a busy summer.

Dane's knee surgery went well and while he is still in physical therapy, he should be back to teaching soon. March 2014: Getting closer to our goal of integrating Hapkido into our adult TKD classes.

For those who are not CMA students, Dane injured his knee in a cycle accident many years ago. For the time being, Hapkido practice will be Tuesday evenings 7-?

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Coquille Martial Arts Standings: Coos Bay/Green Spot school: Dane Saxton, Adult, North Bend, Black Belt weapons, 2nd Brooklynn Lott, 13, Advanced, Tae Guk forms, 1; traditional forms, 1;weapons forms 1, creative forms 1, creative weapons forms 1; sparring 1.

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