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Hitting up the ultimate party spot with some friends?

Venturing to an exotic location that will test your limits?

Going away with your significant other for the first time?

Going on a trip with your crazy family where you anticipate adventure around every corner?

TRUE LIFE: I´M ON METHCrystal Meth is the most popular drug among young people in America attracting more than 12 million people a year to try it.

Are you the one Goth kid in your town or the only Muslim in an all Christian community? Do your cultural, religious, or physical differences make you feel like you´re trapped in a world where you are always the odd man/woman out?

If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 28 and both you and your travel companions are willing to let MTV follow you for the entire trip, e-mail [email protected] tell MTV your itinerary!

TRUE LIFE: I DON´T FIT INAre you an outcast in your own community?

We dont mind group fun, couples, singles and Tv's, so email if u r interested.

If you message us looking for a meet please attach a picture (face) or have one on your profile. Invitations are limited as Inner Circle Events are private and exclusive — your first step towards receiving an invitation is to submit your email address. Feast your eyes on our online gallery featuring sexy photos and videos.

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Try one of the chat rooms and you will understand what is meant...

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