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Locations include Pucks Glen, The University of Glasgow, Elie, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Kilchurn Castle, Edinburgh, The Kelpies, Glasgow, Glencoe - National Trust For Scotland, North Queensferry, Falls of Falloch, Swanston Farm, Cambo Estate, Butter Bridge and Loch Leven.Choosing a romantic place to stay is all very well, but once you are here, what will you get up to?A very short period of living together may not be enough, but the longer the relationship goes on, the more likely it is that they will be recognised as cohabitants If you live in the house as a cohabitant, you have no automatic Occupancy Rights (right to continue to live there) if you separate.You can however apply to the court and ask the court to grant you Occupancy Rights to stay there.The survivor cannot be awarded any more than they would have been entitled to had the survivor been the spouse or civil partner of the deceased. However, whilst cohabiting couples are not entitled to the same financial provision as married couples/civil partners upon separation; the law does enable cohabitants to make a financial claim against their ex partner.

This is ultimately a matter of fact and the court will take into account a number of matters; including the length of time they lived together, the nature of their relationship and whether they had any shared finances during the time they lived together.

While they do not have the same clear rights as married couples or civil partners, cohabiting couples can be recognised under Scots Law in some circumstances.

You can also have a legal agreement recognising your relationship drawn up to cover potential problems.

In looking at the nature of the relationship, the court will look at whether the couple were generally recognised as being a couple by their friends/family/colleagues (as opposed to flat mates, for example) and also the sexual relations and emotional support which existed between them.

There is no fixed period before a couple can be recognised as cohabiting.

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