Scott storch dating kim kardashian

And, while talking of her dating life, we can not leave out Kim’s love life with rapper Ray-J and NBA player Kris Humphries.Kim had married Kris in 2011 as a part of a publicity stunt to hike up the ratings of her reality TV show, The couple called it quits barely two months into their marriage, which led to heavy criticism about Kim’s reputation as a lover.Scott Storch, a meerkat wearing sunglasses, once produced mega-hits for artists like Beyoncé, Chris Brown and 50 Cent.

The inside of the mansion resembled a crack house, strewn with garbage and paraphernalia.

Three of them occupied the number one spot for months at a time.

“It was like everything we touched was gold,” boasts manager Jackson. a fever.”By 2006, the producer commanded 0,000 per beat plus co-writer royalties and pumped out 80 commercial tracks a year.

The bankruptcy was later dismissed after Storch failed to file financial records, and he remains on the hook for every penny of his debt.” Storch began snagging second-tier clients, rappers such as Gucci Mane and Outkast’s Big Boi, who has announced that his next album’s single, titled “Shutter Bug,” will be a Storch track.

In February, Storch headed to Los Angeles to work with Dr.

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