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Costumes were on display at the CIncinnati Comic Expo at Duke Energy Center downtown. And, yes, comics make up a significant portion of the programming. Costumes were on display at the CIncinnati Comic Expo at Duke Energy Center downtown. Keating Get starstruck: The expo will host a range of fan favorites from some classic and contemporary hit franchises. Be sure to wish Batman Happy Birthday, too: West will celebrate his 87th birthday over the weekend.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Steampunk on Facebook:

Herders/)Front Range Browncoats (Firefly/Serenity):

Pack up those arrows, Cupid — your work is done here.

This group was formed to give Science Fiction, Fantasy and Steampunk fans a place to chat about their interests, get information, meet others with the same interests.

The overall group has quarterly meetups and sub groups, which meet more frequently.

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