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Sakura let her hand travel from its owner's lap to Sasuke's forehead, taking off the cloth resting on it and feeling the light heat. She withdraws her hand from Sasuke's forehead a little too quickly and muttered, "Sorry for waking you up.Sasuke let his eyes wander to his front while situating his hand on his forehead, feeling better than he had been earlier.This was Sakura's moment to give him a little box of chocolates, well she had a box for Naruto and her Sensei; but Sasuke actually meant something to her.She found her heart beating rapidly as she approached him. " Sakura yelled as she stopped in front of him with both hands behind her back. Sasuke glanced down at her with an eye brow raised. I don't have time for romance, I have to focus on training." And with that Sasuke turned his head. "Hey you're not gonna bail on us when the bill comes again are ya, Kakashi- Sensei?

"Does this mean you will finally go on a date with me, SAKURA-CHAN~? Forces her up against a wall his arms trapping both sides of her. Then, Sakura and the mystery guy will be handcuffed for the rest of the day.The handcuff, she said, will be covered with chakra, making it painful for the person who had tried to pick or force the handcuff open.Sakura smiled and closed her eyes, picturing herself handcuffed with the mystery person under the tree, watching the moon from below, then soon telling her how he had such a wonderful day with her, then kissing her with passion underneath that certain tree.Then, Sakura would let a hand intertwine with the raven hair of the person… Funny how she pictures herself with a mystery guy, she would find herself thinking about Sasuke.

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She then set the picture down on her dresser and got dressed and left to the village to meet with Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi.

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