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She says that it is no concern of his and she threatens him, telling him not to say anything regarding Carol at the armory else he'll find himself tied to a tree far from Alexandria being eaten by walkers.

Also, in return for being a "smart boy" in staying quiet, she'd give him "lots and lots of" cookies.

After this very graphic threat, he nods meekly, obviously very scared.

Sam is caught by Carol after breaking in unnoticed, digging through her pantry looking for possible leftover cookies from Deanna's party.

On the next day, Sam can be seen playing in the streets with his toy boat and balloon.

He hides behind Carol when his dad gets into a fight with Rick.

Sam is seen walking with the rest of the group past the large horde of walkers.

Sam also mentions that one time, things got quiet during an argument between his parents, where he came out to find Jessie bleeding and unconscious with Pete simply sitting on the porch with a cigarette in his hand.

After hearing this Sam asks if he could have one, but when asked why he claims that it is not for him.

Soon after being asked who it was for Sam then hesitates and runs away out of fear.

Unbeknownst to Sam or his mother, Rick is actually quite disturbed by the stamp, as it is a red "A", which is the same symbol that the people of Terminus had used against him.

Sam complains to his mother that there are no more cookies, but Rick reassures him that his very nice friend, Carol Peletier, will make plenty of more cookies for him.

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