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the events are typed correctly and synced up in the code behind.

the View state is disabled because I need the the Grid View to be displayed even when there is no data.

I bind the data on each postback which I think might be part of the problem. One thing I did notice is that is that when the update button is clicked not even the Row Command event is fired, which I thought was strange.

Firing an event handler on an button which is generated dynamically in an user control present in update panel I have created an user control which is placed in update panel. Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. Handling control updates with button click events How do you update data in a contol based on information from a button click event when the button click event isn't available during page_load The .

In the user control i have placed an dynamically generated table in which one cell consist of generated button.i have written an event handler for it but is not firing on the click of that button.i am attaching a sample code for it plese look into it. Net way is to update the data in the control during the button click event.

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