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Translation of Roy’s Weibo post: Once the ending of a story is not the happy one people see, then on the whole it won’t be a fairy tale. Hohum, this is becoming quite a sad refrain for many entertainers.

Love or bread, asked Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in a previous drama.

He was born on November 2, 1982 in New York City, United States of America of Shanghainese descent and Taiwanese origin.

He pursued his post-secondary education at New York University, Stern school of business and Tisch school of arts, majoring in business and minoring in film studies.

Wang moved to Taiwan shortly after birth and did not return to the States until he was seven.

After several years of working for his uncle, traveling around Asia, he eventually decide to pursue his dream to enter the entertainment scene and taken up a role in drama, with the help of ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao.

Prior to his debut, he was widely known as the ex-boyfriend of the singer.

But of course there are two sides to a story and according to this report, the “assistant” claimed that Tang Yan (now, that’s better) suffered a lot for Roy’s sake.

While I never liked Tang Yan, I do agree with a comment on that report that she does not deserve to be treated this way especially if it is true that he cheated on her.

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