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You didn’t mean for this to happen, yet here you are as a college graduate who never had sex. As an added bonus, your active listening skills are top notch! Pregnancy and STDs are more of an abstract concept to you than an actual thing.

It’s not like you couldn’t have done it, but it never felt right. When the nurse at the doctor’s office asks if there’s any chance you’re pregnant, you get to hilariously joke that if you are, it’s the Immaculate Conception.

A whole weekend is even better because this gives you unrushed time to create that special that relaxes and opens up your girl like nothing else, getting her ready for the more intimate moments that are to come. The gift of virginity that she’s sharing with you is very precious; make sure she knows that you value it - this will help her start to relax a little bit more (because even if she's eager to please you, she will be pretty tense the whole time).

Others want to wait till marriage or a committed relationship, and that's fine.In the meantime, you’ve been able to put all that energy into creating fantastic and solid friendships. Your gynecologist raises her eyebrows and says “really? You excuse yourself from the room just in case you accidentally let something slip. You know your little siblings are more experienced than you.Pray that your little sister never asks you for sex advice.Use proper lubrication for this step (see below) - you'll glide inside very smoothly and much more pleasurably.A second sexual foreplay technique that will have her moan in ecstasy is (make sure she’s comfortable with oral sex, not all women are).

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That’s easy to understand; after all, you really must know what you're doing because handling a virgin woman in bed is different than making love the first time with a non-virgin.

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