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ANONYMITY — Dating apps allow one the freedom to choose who they want to talk to and if they misuse the channel, one can easily report or block them.1.STIGMA — Joining a dating app comes across as an unsafe and desperate option for many.She probably knows how to do it herself, and she won’t welcome your interference.Due to their independence and the multitude of responsibilities they have, single moms tend to be quite low maintenance to date.SELF DOUBT — Many individuals join a dating app with the hope to find their partner or someone they can build a relationship with but the failure of that leads people into self doubt and depression.Just believe in yourself, a photo-matching app is biased on looks.

DISHONESTY — There are often individuals who fake their job, personality or their existence in totality.Try and weigh the app on the above factors and that will help you with your decision.Go Gaga understands the user’s requirement and has created a product that has all the PROS of the dating apps but the CONS have been tactfully mitigated.Unfortunately, just like any other technology, dating app also comes along with some cons.Let’s weigh a few pros and cons of dating apps, which could help us define our presence on this interesting channel of meeting people! CONVENIENT — From finding friends to your soul-mate, dating apps have made it all very easy and convenient.

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