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In the case of a painting, the typical supports made of textile, wood, parchment, or paper are sampled, as they usually offer sufficient material and can provide decisive evidence in authentication issues (13, 14).Radiocarbon dating of the canvas gives a time frame of when the raw fiber material was harvested and generally has a few years offset with the actual completion of the work.Therefore, identifying counterfeited artworks by relying solely on the dating of the support material is insufficient to ensure authenticity.A common approach to uncover forgeries involves discrete material analyses (19–21).With the advent of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) (2, 3), the amount of carbon necessary for obtaining a radiocarbon date was significantly reduced from a few grams down to 1 milligram carbon (4).Technical advances in general, and especially in the field of gas ion source AMS (5, 6), where mixtures of CO and He gas are introduced straight into the GIS-AMS, have reduced sample requirements to micrograms of material (7), thereby setting a new milestone.

In this study we show that with two microsamples (C age gained on the paint contradicts this as it offers clear evidence for a post-1950 creation.It is only possible nowadays thanks to technological advances of the 21st century that have made the technique viable for application to microsamples.The case study presented here is a known forgery created by Robert Trotter (b. By his own admission, Trotter conducted 52 sales of his fakes and forgeries from 1981 to 1988 (23).A time lag of 2–5 y between the radiocarbon date and the date noted on the work of art is not uncommon (15).When the C age of the canvas postdates the signed date, it is considered a potential evidence of forgery (13).

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