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But some of the people behind these conservative apps think liberals who refuse to date conservatives are doing something more destructive than looking for partners who share their values.To them, it amounts to anti-conservative discrimination.It’s right there in the bio,” she said, referring to the seemingly ubiquitous “Trump supporters swipe left.” “The people that do get a first date either don’t get a second date or they have to self-censor,” she continued.

a website for conservatives who feel like they’ve been unfairly rejected by potential mates for their political views. https://t.co/n0y S7PTqwp— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) November 28, 2018“I’m a Republican,” the woman allegedly whispered to Lawton at the event.

Not surprisingly, social media has had a field day mocking the brand, with many referring to it as “Tinder for incels.”READ MORE: George H. Bush’s Willie Horton ad remains flashpoint in dog-whistle politics RIGHTER is for conservative #singles to find long-term.

If you’re a young Republican looking for love, there are plenty of swipe-based options at your disposal.

But, he explained, that doesn’t quite amount to discrimination. It’s based on really strong data that like seeks out like,” he explained.

“But there’s no discrimination against conservatives [on mainstream dating apps].

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