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In the anime on August 18th, Sayoko is seen stringing Yu along somewhere.During the Summer Festival, she was seen with a different man, and she notes that Nanako was cute, after the girl runs past her.As Sayoko is working as a nurse, she can only be interacted should the Protagonist take up the part-time job of working as a Janitor in the Hospital.

You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest. You are definitely sampling that hot coffee she offered you up until she gets visited by the ex wife.In the epilogue, the Protagonist learns that Sayoko has joined a volunteer medical organization dedicated to help poorer countries, and has already traveled to Africa.The other nurses remark that Sayoko became their hardest worker, and while they were intrigued by the rumors of the Midnight Channel, Sayoko was studying foreign languages and medical books.She did have a genuine love of helping others in need, which at some point was overshadowed by her own loneliness.Sayoko Uehara represents the Devil Arcana Social Link, however, she does not create one with the Protagonist during their first meeting.

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However, Sayoko's resolution and determination inspire the other nurses to work harder.

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