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Some are I have fallen in love with the talents of this amazing artist.Some are sad, some are beautiful and some are rather hopeless.

Though, I do have to say that for that second half I couldn't help but read through it in a whirlwind.

Including romantic couples both young and old, gossiping, people watching, and so much more. Marketing his English-language debut, The Park Bench is Chabouté's beautiful and acclaimed story of a park bench and the lives it witnesses. Others ignore the bench, or (attempt to) sleep on it at night, or simply anchor themselves on it and absorb the ebb and flow of the area and its people.

At once intimate and universal, it is one of the most moving books you could hope to come across. I've had my eyes on this particular graphic novel for ages, so when it finally arrived in the mail I took my sweet time perusing the book.

As the title suggests, it's the story of one park bench and of the people who use it over the years.

Musicians, elderly couples, readers, skateboarders, parents with children, a homeless man, and even a dog.

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