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: D I had fun, at first thought he was a NG member.

im_so_horny: hey Sexy_girl_90: hi Sexy_girl_90: asl? im_so_horny: 19/m/usa im_so_horny: u im_so_horny: are you hott Sexy_girl_90: yea im_so_horny: what do you look like Sexy_girl_90: blonde, slim im_so_horny: brown hair six pack 5'10 im_so_horny: 10 inches im_so_horny: i like boobs Sexy_girl_90: I start to kiss you Sexy_girl_90: licking the roof of you mouth, rubbing your crotch im_so_horny: you want to suck my dick im_so_horny: cause i want to likc your %%%%% im_so_horny: can i Sexy_girl_90: sorry, people keep trying to talk to me Sexy_girl_90: I only wana talk to you im_so_horny: really or are you just saying that im_so_horny: can i cum in your mouth Sexy_girl_90: yes Sexy_girl_90: as you cum, I takemy panties off Sexy_girl_90: I reveal my strapon im_so_horny: oh yea im_so_horny: i want you so bad Sexy_girl_90: I start to penetrate you Sexy_girl_90: you love it, but its painful Sexy_girl_90: I pump fast im_so_horny: but it also feels good Sexy_girl_90: I spit in your fast im_so_horny: oh yea it feels so gooood Sexy_girl_90: I flip you over and deep throught you im_so_horny: yes Sexy_girl_90: As I rape you, i pull on your penis im_so_horny: mmmm im_so_horny: mmmmmmmmm Sexy_girl_90: your moaning with pleasure im_so_horny: yes Sexy_girl_90: I take it out... The user is not logged in HOT_GUY: Hey Sexay Girl: hey HOT_GUY: wanna cyber Sexay Girl: Okay. Sexay Girl: I bring you home and place you on the kitchen.

Go to Parachat and login with a name like 'Sexygirl69' (Please, come up with your own name or something similar.

Randy Andy: heya hun Randy Andy: 22/m wales Randy Andy: feeling kinky?

17_f_Megumi: yes Thegreatestever: do u have a vagina 17_f_Megumi: i now am reaming your ass 17_f_Megumi: you are horrible in bed 17_f_Megumi: so i take my cock and shove it in my vagina 17_f_Megumi: i cum 17_f_Megumi: lol 17_f_Megumi: bye brave_heart19: hi K00l_girl15: hey brave_heart19: how r u kool gal brave_heart19: wanna chat brave_heart19: what is hey brave_heart19: what does it meanssss K00l_girl15: yeah i wanna chatt...

K00l_girl15: it like hi brave_heart19: ok nice brave_heart19: how old r u sweety K00l_girl15: 15 K00l_girl15: u?

brave_heart19: i would like to had a friend like u brave_heart19: sure plz K00l_girl15: brave_heart19: have u got msn siz111: hi Ho T_g1rl15: hey sweetheart Ho T_g1rl15: what your asl?

siz111: where u from Ho T_g1rl15: saint-john Ho T_g1rl15: u?

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