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The key is to be short and sweet; the longer the email, the more likely it’s going to seem as though you’re too desperate.if you’re already assuming that they’re not likely to write back time writing out a sonnet?Here’s the thing: everybody knows exactly what it means when a guy sends one of these.Much like stressing about the opener, the first email is there to get them interested enough to write back.

Y’see, online dating can seem for folks, especially people who have a touch of approach anxiety or hate the bar and club scene but don’t necessarily want to try hitting up strangers at Barnes and Noble.

I’m a fan of the dating site email template – less of a form letter and more of a very easily customizable email that you send out in order to save time.

I’ve used a longer one in my day, but over the years, I’ve streamlined it down even further.

I’m always looking for a potential partner in crime…

Here’s a new article which I wrote as a special to Yahoo! And while I never write emails for others, the request makes perfect sense.

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