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All animals will be spayed/neutered, brought UTD (up to date) on all of their shots, and microchiped.A adoption fee is required to help replace the funds spent on rescuing each dog and getting him or her ready for adoption.Now, the rancher that intentionally puts cows on this same state land is demanding that the state kill wolves from a second pack. I live in Guadalajara, and a few months ago I saw an art show celebrating Remedios Varo.I was captivated by "The Cats Paradise." There was a little black cat in the painting that made no sense.Toledo Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter and a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.We depend on your donations in order to rescue more pets from ill fate, as well as care for our current pets.Adoption fees are based on the cost to administer shots, vaccinations, medications, and to spay and neuter rescued pets.

The app gains precision the more users swipe as Bark Buddy gathers stats to deduce dog breed preferences.

I’ve heard many of my wife’s friends say they were “sick of men” and wish they could just marry their dog.

Well, a former Page 3 model went ahead and actually married her dog on live TV.

We consider any animal that’s passed its “due out date” to be at risk for euthanasia at any time.

We work with shelters and volunteers to pull the animal and get them into a foster home and ready for adoption as soon as possible.

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