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Usually, it takes about 20 seconds for the whole process to be initiated.After the agent has been connected with the client, they have the option to simultaneously have an in-chat conversation as well.

In order to do that, just open the "troll" call in the log and click the "block" button.

Do what live chat can't: give your website visitors the option to talk to a team member on the phone within 30 seconds or less.

Have them enter their phone number and interact with them instantaneously. After a visitor requests a Callback, all your agents' phones ring at once. When one of the agents answers the call, all other phones stop ringing and Jivo calls the visitor. The agent who answered the call first is connected with the visitor. When your team receives an incoming call, the Jivo Chat app will automatically alert you with detailed information about the caller.

Both allow for a close agent-customer connection and both let customers explain a problem or ask a question and receive an immediate response. Whereas phone support is typically reactive (a customer initiates the conversation), online chat can be deployed as a proactive support channel.

There are a few key differences between these channels, however, that can impact when and how you use each channel. As such it may be the difference between a customer browsing your site and then leaving without buying anything or finalizing a decision and checking out with a purchase.

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