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He also now has a dog, which is slobbering all over him.The heart of the movie is his gradual realization that his other life has somehow disappeared, that he's now a family man, that he has been granted the opportunity to experience all that he missed by putting his career ahead of personal goals.He advises Jack to take the time to learn whatever it is that he needs to learn.Jack is living the life he could have had, had he stayed in the United States with his girlfriend.The story takes a sitcom turn, as Jack finds out he works for his father-in-law as a tire salesman and tries to talk his way back into the big money in Manhattan.I liked the movie, liked Cage, liked Leoni, smiled a lot, and yet somehow remained at arm's length, because I was having a parallel-life experience of my own.He is in the midst of putting together a multibillion-dollar merger and has ordered an emergency meeting on Christmas Day.In his office, on Christmas Eve, he hears that his former girlfriend, Kate, called him after many years, which he disregards, uninterested.

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I always wonder, in movies like this, why the hero has been transferred into the alternate life but has retained the original memories--but of course if he had the alternate memories, he wouldn't know anything had happened.

Tea Leoni ("Deep Impact," "Flirting With Disaster") is lovable as the wife, and does a good job of covering the inevitable moments when she must (we think) realize that a stranger is inhabiting her husband's body.

She feared if he left, they'd never get married, and she was right.

Now, through the paranormal intervention of a taxi driver (Cheadle) who acts as his guide, or portal, or something, Jack goes to sleep as a wealthy bachelor and awakens in a parallel time-track where apparently he did fly back from London, marry Kate and father two children.

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On the way home he walks into a convenience store where a lottery contestant, Cash, has a winning ticket worth $238.

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