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The most common style is the “traditional” or “chalet” one, which implies that the wooden case is decorated with carved leaves and animals and that the clock is hanged on the wall.

” “It’s meow, or never to learn a little nostalgia about these adorable animated cat wall clocks. Earl Arnault (1904-1971) which he designed in 1932.In 1939, Allied Clock Company and Clifford Stone of Portland Oregon, started the production of these adorable tail-wagging pendulum clocks-which are still being produced today.The first Kit-Cat clock used a wind-up timing mechanism via a knob located on the front of the clock -along with electric wiring.Additionally, the cat’s shoulder area became more rounded, and bow ties and collars were added.In 1962, the Allied Clock Company moved the clocks production to Southern California and the company name was changed to-California Clock Company. was forced to find another way for the timed movement on Kit-Cat’s exclusive “one-second” animation-which was used for the rolling eyes and the wagging tail.

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When production first started, the clocks were made of steel, but in the ’40s molded plastic was used (bakelite); then in the ’50s, it was decided he would now have upper paws and wear a swanky bow tie.

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